Sure Will Writer—THE Professional Will Drafting Program

Q.        Are your Wills written in language that belongs in the nineteenth century?

Q         Do you find you spend more time drafting that actually selling?

Q         Do you spend as much time trying to explain the Will to the client as you spent taking the instructions?


If YES – then Sure Will Writer is the answer – fast to draft – modern in its language – easy to use by even the novice – powerful and extensive clause library


Introducing the Society of Will Writers professional Will drafting program—simple to use, simple to understand but capable of producing complex and effective tax efficient Wills.

The program has been used and tested for over eleven years worldwide and by the major legal publishers in the UK and is now available in a unique version for Society members under licence – see testimonials

’Sure Will Writer’ is a powerful yet simple to use CD-ROM package
The system uses a unique question and answer format to guide you through the process of creating a Will. The system incorporates 3000 questions but only promotes those relevant to each particular client's circumstances and wishes, enabling you to prepare Wills ready for signature, speedily and accurately.

The system automatically drafts the Will document using the responses in the questionnaire. The system does not use template documents or word-processing, but creates the Will intelligently, drawing on a bank of some 400 precedents, each of which is automatically manipulated by the system to draft the appropriate Will for the client.

Society of Will Writers' Sure Will Writer automatically creates mirror Wills for spouses/partners, singles and same sex couples (Civil Partnership’s)

An editing feature is included to enable you to edit text, add or remove paragraphs, and to incorporate your own precedents. In addition to Wills, Sure Will Writer includes the ability to create;


·        Powers and Enduring Powers of Attorney,

·        Advance Directives,

·        Severance of Joint Tenancy together with a completed RX1 form ready for signature; and

·        Expressions of Wishes.


Once a client's details have been collected in any questionnaire, the information is automatically pre-populated and available in other questionnaires, avoiding duplicate entry.

The system incorporates a Client Management functionality for the automatic production of correspondence and invoices, and also includes the ability to print a paper Will Application Form for completion.

Other features of the system include:
Pick Lists of possible responses to questions
Lists of previously referred to persons and addresses
Same sex relationships
Ability to create template questionnaires
Inclusion of an extensive Charity Data Base and you can add your own local charities
Ability to collect and calculate asset details

Sure Will Writer uses plain English where possible to overcome the problem of Wills – even now in the twenty-first century many Wills are produced using language and terminology more suited to the 19th century. The Office of Fair Trading has said that all legal documents, including Wills should be written in plain English in order the client can understand the content.


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